'Weather' or Not We Like the Snow...

Posted on 2/3/2011 9:40:00 AM

by Ken Bartels, Sr. Vice President


"and now the Weather..."

Okay, I get it. The weather is a big deal. We watch it, listen to it, follow it, research it, and obsess over it. In short, we live it. I get it. We talk about it, worry about it, prepare for it, deal with it, and afterwards, discuss it all again.


 I get it. I really do. But, I wish I didn’t. I would love to ignore the weather as I see some people do. Just accept it and react to it, but without the hype and the drama. My father used to say, “if you go outside and you get wet…it’s raining. If you go outside and the rain feels harder than normal…it’s snowing. The rest of the time, it’s likely to be no big deal.” Now, I know he worried about the weather, but he lived his life before the media decided that the weather was entertainment and that people actually would spend their time treating it that way. Lucky him.
Please understand that I want the weather services, agencies, and forecasters to let me know what I need to worry about (as it relates to weather). I appreciate the watches, warnings, alerts, sirens, and all-clears. I just wish it wasn’t so sensationalized. Today it seems like it never “just rains”, it’s always “heavy downpours”. It’s never “just cold”, it’s always “dangerous wind chills”. It’s never “just windy”, it’s “powerful gusts”. It’s never even “just sunny”, it’s “intense sun”.
Maybe we know more about the weather now (and we do) and that is driving this fascination with its grades and complexities. But, I know this…we are having much more” weather” with every passing year and I didn’t think that was even possible.
I think I’ll go outside and try out my father’s weather theory later today just to see what happens. 
Unless, of course, they’re predicting another blizzard.