Random Thoughts on Spring

Posted on 4/6/2011 9:53:00 AM

by Ken Bartels, Sr. Vice President


It's time for spring....or so we think


Okay, so it's April and it's time for Spring, or so we think.  When I think of Spring many thoughts come to mind, and in no particular order either!


It NEVER gets here on time or soon enough.
Things do go from brown to green.
You notice the “winter litter” and feel the need to address it in your yard.
Daffodils are very fragile.
Yellow is a good Spring color.
A curious thing…trees look better with leaves.
Thunderstorms and wind.
That last hit of snow just after you put the shovels back in the garage.
Daylight…and its’ effect on everyone’s mood.
Windows open and the furnace off.
No overcoat…even if you should some days.
Car wash lines.
Skunks…and their return is very obvious too!
The grill gets cleaned and then used.
Baseball…but basketball and hockey do remain.
Mowing…and not minding a bit!
But, did I mention that last hit of snow? Yeah, I did.
It NEVER gets here on time or soon enough!