Welcome to Winter, Yech!

Posted on 1/15/2012 8:45:00 AM

by Cathy Briggs, Vice President


...do we really need this?


Winter, it’s dark, it’s dreary, it’s cold, it’s snowy, it’s icy. The days are too short, the driving is impossible. Do we really need this? I don’t think so.
Oh by the way have you seen that movie yet? You know. The one you have been talking about. It’s on DVD. Doesn’t that sound great, curled up on the couch watching a good movie, making fresh popcorn and hot chocolate? How about reading that new book, all cozy in front of the fireplace.
What’s for dinner? How about that home made soup or stew that’s been simmering on the stove all day? The house smells amazing. 
Exercise? That’s tough in the winter. We could go Mall walking. Better yet, our local “Y”, swimming while watching the snowflakes falling outside, running on a treadmill, riding a stationary bike, it is all there. But I have to admit it really does feel good to take a walk in the brisk cold air. 
Hey it snowed last night. The sun is coming up. Now this is worth the wait. The sun shining on new fallen snow—priceless.
Maybe it isn’t such a bad time of year. Sitting on a cozy couch watching a movie or reading a good book, hot chocolate, comfort food, snow angels, sledding, ice skating, sunshine on new snow, winter really can be fun!
This is my glass half full. What is yours?