Posted on 7/26/2012 9:22:00 AM

by Ken Bartels, Sr. Vice President


This summer has not been too hot...


This summer has not been too hot. 
That is, it’s been SO hot that it’s turned into a “not so hot” season. This is unfortunate because we all look forward to summer and when it turns on us like this we feel cheated. With already three times the 90’+ days as last year, this summer is on its way to being “HOT HOT HOT” as the song says.
That got me thinking about “heat” references in popular culture. Consider these:
-          “Some Like It Hot”…classic movie
-          “Hot Stuff”…Donna Summer song (appropriate singer’s name for the season too)
-          “It will be a hot time in the old town tonight”…early tune
-          “In the Heat of the Night”…great movie
-          “Summer in the City”…’60s song
-          “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”…super play…although this summer no cat would ever be there!
Now, just for perspective, let’s consider the “polar” opposite…”cold”:
-          “Cool Hand Luke”…Paul Newman movie
-          “Ice Station Zebra”…another movie
-          “Cold Mountain”…wonderful reading
-          Kool and the Gang…admit it, you remember them
-          “Titanic”…very cold water as I recall
-          “Long Cool Woman”…Hollies hit
So, okay, some people like the heat, others like the cold. I get it. It’s just not fair though.
You see, after years of study and intensive research I have arrived at this…”there are many more ways to become hot than there are to become cold”. Just think about it. ( In case you wondered by the way, I like it cool.)
Should you wish to debate this outcome, I’m open to the discussion. 
Look for me under a big shady tree someplace.