When Christmas Calls

Posted on 11/23/2012 9:07:00 AM


by Ken Bartels, Sr. Vice President


When do You Embrace the Season?


When does Christmas call you? When do you embrace the season and commence to enjoy and accept and share the spirit? It comes at different times for all of us and it is likely triggered by some event, memory or tradition. Maybe some of these are yours: (in no specific order)
-          “Decking the Halls” with your lights and decorations.
-          Selecting and putting up your tree.
-          Christmas music 24/7.
-          Making cookies or candies or something else.
-          Making a list and checking it twice (naughty/nice).
-          Taking kids to see Santa.
-          Some form of tree lighting event.
-          The first snowfall.
-          Buying presents.
-          Getting in a “Secret Santa” exchange.
-          Kids are out of school for awhile.
-          Anticipating Christmas Eve or Christmas Day services.
-          Watching some television special like the Grinch or Frosty or
-          Settling in for classic movies like “Holiday Inn” and “It’s a Wonderful Life”.
-          Wrapping.
-          Driving around and looking at all the homes readied for the holiday.
-          Singing carols (either in a group or by yourself in the car).
-          Holiday parties, both attending and hosting.
-          Sending out your Christmas cards.
-          Just enjoying the pace, or the peace of the holiday season.
You’ll have others, of course. There is no magic like your own.
After all, maybe it’s a tiny Christmas bell just ringing for you.