CBE Turns 20!

Posted on 4/1/2013 12:50:00 PM


by Ken Bartels, Sr. Vice President


20 years of successful business in Elmhurst!


All this year the Community Bank of Elmhurst will be celebrating 20 years of successful business in Elmhurst. We will do so with some special events, some special advertising and some showcasing of our special employees.

While CBE’s actual founding date is May 24, we will take the opportunity to recognize 20 years throughout all of 2013.
Back in 1993, the late George F. Hammersmith, Sr. and William C. Gooch, Jr. came together with a plan, a goal and a vision…to create a local, community bank in Elmhurst, one with personality, character and outstanding people. Once created, the Community Bank of Elmhurst, CBE, never looked back. Starting in a trailer at the 330 West Butterfield site, growing in assets, building a customer base as well as constructing  a striking new building…all with the Elmhurst community in mind, CBE always stayed true to its’ heritage. Later, a second location at 133 North York in the exciting City Centre proved to all that CBE was dedicated to serving Elmhurst and being a partner in the City’s accomplishments.
Now, in 2013, it is doubtful that such a bank could be created today. In this current, tough, banking and business environment, one might conclude that smaller community banks have no place and that they can no longer compete. Yet, the principles that caused George and Bill to found CBE, and their vision remain and are strong and sound.
The bank’s Mission Statement says it well: “The mission of the Community Bank of Elmhurst is to provide superior, personalized banking services, valuing our customers and community first.” It’s true too. What are CBE’s greatest strengths as it works within Elmhurst every day? I would list many different things:
-          A well-trained and friendly banking staff at all levels. We know our jobs and we know you…by name most of the time.
-          We know our role. We won’t take inappropriate risk but we can and will have faith in our customers, their dreams and in our ability to help them either directly or indirectly.
-          We won’t take on tasks that are best left for others in the business.
-          We will be the best we can be every single day.
-          While we can’t out-spend or out-slogan or out-gimmick the big guys, we can be creative, flexible, approachable and responsive.
-          We love what we do and we only do so in the Elmhurst area.
-          We are your hometown bank.
So, CBE is excited to be 20 years in Elmhurst. CBE is proud of what it has done for our customers and for ourselves. The Community Bank of Elmhurst looks to the future with much anticipation. After all, everyone looks forward to “turning 21”.
Congratulations CBE! Congratulations Elmhurst!