Maybe a Match?

Posted on 9/3/2013 11:31:00 AM


by Ken Bartels, Sr. Vice President


Can you match the city with their slogan?


I searched around and came up with this brief list of communities in Illinois and their web site “slogans”. Obviously, this is not a complete list and many communities don’t even have a “slogan”. That said, many do. Here are twelve. See if you can match them up. Good Luck.

1         Aurora                        a The Golden City
2         Batavia                       b The Arboretum Village
3         Bensenville                c The Windmill City
4         DeKalb                       d The Pride of the Fox
5         Elmhurst                    e The Forest City
6         Glen Ellyn                   f Village of Volunteers
7         Lisle                             g Ideal for your Business, your Family, your Life
8         Lombard                     h Gateway to Opportunity
9         Naperville                   i The Lilac Village
10     Rockford                     j Barbed Wire Capital of the World                
11     St. Charles                  k City of Lights
12     Villa Park                     l The Garden Village
How did you do?
Answers: 1/k…2/c…3/h…4/j…5/g…6/f…7/b…8/i…9/a…10/e…11/d…12/l