No Hats, Sunglasses or Hoods...

Posted on 12/2/2013 11:32:00 AM

by Ken Bartels, Sr. Vice President



It's Nothing Personal!


By now you will have noticed the bold, yellow signs entering and inside both locations of the Community Bank of Elmhurst. They state:
“Please remove hats, sunglasses and hoods”
Now, why would the Bank be requesting those actions on the part of its customers you ask? There are multiple reasons:
-          The City of Elmhurst and the greater local area have been targets recently for bank robberies.
-          These robberies happen quickly, at any time of the day, and almost any location is vulnerable.
-          While these robberies have not been violent there is no reason that they couldn’t be.
-          Lastly, while most robberies are solved and the robbers caught, the most important thing for the Community Bank of Elmhurst is customer and employee safety.
Our “No Hats, Sunglasses or Hoods” policy isn’t to inconvenience our trusted customers, it is to inconvenience the potential robbers. With this policy in place we decrease the likelihood of anyone coming into our bank locations, committing a robbery, and not being able to capture a good photograph through our security cameras that will assist the police in catching them later. Your willing cooperation with us in this request not only aids us if something happens, it actually helps to prevent something happening. The word gets around, even between robbers, that some banks are not easy prey. We believe asking everyone dealing with the bank to follow this lightly restrictive policy will help to keep all of us safe and secure by deterring robbers right from the start.
So, even if we know you well, when we ask you to remove your hat, your sunglasses or your hood, please understand it’s in everyone’s best interest.
Thanks for understanding.