The new year of 2021 has arrived...

The new year of 2021 has arrived, and although it doesn’t end all our 2020 troubles, it does offer hope and the promise of better things ahead. So, looking at the next several months what might we focus on in our daily lives? Here are some thoughts:

  • Be ready for your vaccination. Pay attention to notices you receive on when you can get your shot and go get it promptly!
  • Support Local. As in the past, look to be helpful and to sustain local businesses of all kinds through your shopping endeavors. That includes carry-outs and deliveries from restaurants.
  • Wear your mask and social distance. No change here. Even after your vaccination, these rules will still apply.
  • Wash your hands often. Just like your Mom told you to!
  • Take care of yourself. Exercise, Zoom with family, friends and associates, eat healthy.
  • Embrace winter. Sure, it’s cold, but winter has its’ charms like all seasons do.
  • Family and Friends First. They should always be priorities, but now even more so.
  • Do ‘happy things’. Watch upbeat movies. Read upbeat books. Binge upbeat television shows.
  • If you’re into sports there are plenty to choose from…football, basketball, hockey, etc.
  • Smile…Often and sincerely.

‘Look Forward Elmhurst!’