We use them every day

We use them every day…idioms that is. Idioms are defined as: ‘a group of words established by usage as having a meaning not deductible from those of the individual words’. Idioms are fascinating in their origins and the way they spice up normal conversation. There are many of them, of course, but here are a few we will ‘see eye to eye on’.

  • ‘Beat around the bush’…To avoid saying something because you don’t wish to comment.
  • ‘Jump on the bandwagon’…To follow a trend and join something popular.
  • ‘Miss the boat’…You were too late to take advantage of something.
  • ‘Spill the beans’…To give away a secret.
  • ‘As right as rain’…It’s perfect.
  • ‘Break a leg’…Wish someone luck.
  • ‘Sat on the fence’…To be undecided about something.
  • ‘Once in a blue moon’…Something that doesn’t happen very often.
  • ‘Pull someone’s leg’…To play a practical joke on someone.
  • ‘See eye to eye on’…To agree completely.

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