So, it’s happened to all of us. We go somewhere not expecting to know anyone else there and meet a friend or co-worker. It’s fun when it happens, but also surprising too…and maybe a little bit weird. I will share a few, personal, examples:

  • Sitting on one side of a tour boat in Paris, I spotted a business colleague on the other side of the same boat.
  • Walking across a very busy intersection in Las Vegas and meeting my boss’s secretary.
  • Attending a sold-out concert and sitting just one row behind some friends.
  • Going to Disney World and at the entrance standing in line with a college friend not seen in decades.
  • Getting off a plane in Dallas and having a fraternity brother meet me in the concourse.
  • Going to a conference and finding that one of the prime speakers was a former business associate.
  • Learning of a volunteer opportunity, pursuing it, and finding out a friend of over 40 years founded it…and is running it.

That’s seven, true, examples. Give it some thought for yourself.