...we are just getting started!

Back in 1993, the late George F. Hammersmith, Sr. and William C. ‘Bill’ Gooch, Jr. partnered up in a business venture called ‘The Community Bank of Elmhurst’. The business model was direct and straightforward: provide a superior banking experience and treat the customers and the City of Elmhurst with respect and friendliness. In other words, be an energetic and engaging ‘community bank’.

Jumping to 2018, CBE now celebrates its 25th ‘Silver’ Anniversary. The actual anniversary date is May 24th. You’ll excuse us if we plan to party a little to commemorate the occasion.

Twenty-five years not a big thing for a business, you say? Well, consider the fact that in today’s world the idea of creating a bank in an established community, a community with many well-established banks already, finding the investors and the capital required, finding land and building…well, we doubt it could be done today.

CBE fills a spot for Elmhurst that no one else does, hence, our tagline: ‘Elmhurst’s Original Community Bank’. George and Bill and a few other adventuring staff set out to create a bank with special employees to carry out its special mission. They started in a trailer, secured customers, built a bank building on Butterfield Road, became a community gathering place, opened a branch in City Centre and always kept moving forward.

Many things have happened since 1993…we have lost one of our founders (Mr. Hammersmith), changed U.S. presidents, fought wars, witnessed 9-11, endured a ‘great recession’, cheered a recovery, saw two World Series in Chicago, worried, cheered, stared, cried, laughed and loved. Everything one would expect in a journey of life.

CBE’s journey has included many, loyal customers and staff, civic leaders and many public ceremonies…now held in the George F. Hammersmith, Sr. Community Room. Twenty-five years is important, but we understand that we are just getting started.

So, thank you, Elmhurst. The Community Bank of Elmhurst is ready to advance…remembering our founders and our past, providing leadership in our challenging present, and always looking ahead toward our most positive future.