Do you ever feel like things are going out of control? Control, whatever that really is or means,
somehow is tied to our ‘feeling good’ about ‘things’, I think. So between COVID and the CDC, vaccine
debates, mask rules, court cases, rules and requirements, etc. where is the ‘control’? Ukraine, inflation,
interest rates, home prices, gasoline, where will Aaron Rodgers play next year, where is the ‘control’?
New Girl Scout cookie flavors, month-long St. Patrick’s celebrations, no baseball maybe, will it snow in
March, where is the ‘control’? When to go on vacation and where, will Alex Caruso be able to shoot the
ball after his wrist problem, where will the stock market go next, will it be a boy or a girl, where is the
‘control’? Can I balance everything and still do everything well, do I need an extension on my income
taxes this year, when will outdoor dining start, where is the ‘control’?

I only know what I know…there is no ‘control’. Never was.