I decided to share these because I am confident that all of you have had some as well during this crazy year.

Random Thoughts…

  • If you can play football in Indiana – why can’t you in Ohio?
  • Which COVID-19 statistic is the most important?
  • Will more people wear their masks in the wintertime when it will keep their face warmer?
  • Debate…regular masks vs. designer masks?
  • Can the world be any more political than it is right now?
  • How low does the temperature need to go before you will give up on outdoor dining?
  • Debate…Hot chocolate vs. hot cider?
  • Will there be a ‘Final Four’ this year?
  • Even if you haven’t been tested…do you think, maybe, you had the virus and didn’t know it?
  • Will we be social distancing this time next year?

There are more I’m sure, but this is enough to get you thinking…