...lumps of coal?

On the current edition of CBE’s ‘Elmhurst Our Community’ (EOC) YouTube program, I had the unique opportunity to have a private, sit-down, interview with none other than Santa Claus. Santa was in his finest red outfit and, not surprisingly, in very good spirits.

I asked him about this ‘naughty or nice’ situation and he assured me that the significant majority of us are in the ‘nice’ category. This was good news given all the uncertain elements here at home and around our globe. He reminded me though, in case you wondered, that he does track everyone. That means adults as well as the kids. So, if you thought that age gets you off the hook on being ‘nice’, you are incorrect and need to adjust accordingly.

He told me that he employs ‘thousands’ of elves and that they are so tired after Christmas that they take a full five months off and just sleep. He also shared that Anna is the first name of Mrs. Claus. I never knew that. The sleigh is not heated, but the seat is, so with a heavy blanket Santa is fine in all types of weather. ‘The sleigh is a convertible you know’, he joked.

So, take a look at the EOC on YouTube and hear and see Santa chatting on a number of other topics too such as logistics, cookies, even cell phones.

And, no, he didn’t give me his cell number. Santa and I are tight…but not THAT tight.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Community Bank of Elmhurst!