So it’s here…Summertime…Finally. We wait all year for Summertime to arrive so when it does, we have to savor it. Everyone of us has their Summertime “favorites”, the things that make Summertime the best experience for them. Here are some of mine:

- Warm days and nights. Not HOT, but warm, are the absolute best.
- Icy drinks in multiple categories.
- Baseball. There’s a game nearly every day.
- Breezes. Welcome always as a way to deal with air so thick you can see it.
- Everything is a shade of green. Unless it doesn’t rain, then shades of brown.
- Outdoor concerts. Big and small both work just fine.
- Lakes. Pools are nice, but lake water does it for me.
- Fourth of July fireworks. Fireworks happen other times of the year now, but the 4 th reigns.
- Deck or patio time. Reading, eating, sleeping…you name it.
- Summertime leads into Fall, and Fall is even better than Summertime in my opinion.

So…Enjoy your Summertime and the lazy sense of fun and happiness that it creates. Maybe even stroll down a shady lane with someone special.