Over the years there have been dozens of sports-themed movies. I certainly have not watched them all and likely never will. That said, here is a list of the sports-themed movies that I have watched…and watched more than once. The list goes from most-watched down to least watched. I’m not sure there is a bias within the list, but baseball does have the most entries. Enjoy the popcorn.

1. The Natural

2. Rudy

3. Rocky

4. For the Love of the Game

5. The Pride of the Yankees

6. Hoosiers

7. 42

8. The Knute Rockne Story

9. Remember the Titans

10. Tin Cup

11. The Karate Kid

12. It Happens Every Spring

13. We Are Marshall

14. Field of Dreams

15. Space Jam

16. A League of Their Own

17. The Sandlot

18. Caddyshack

19. Hoop Dreams

20. Chariots of Fire

21. Eight Men Out

22. Breaking Away

23. The Color of Money

24. Any Given Sunday

25. The Longest Yard