As one goes through life, broadly defined, one learns some “lessons”, both big and little. Here are a few of mine, maybe yours too?

  • No matter what time someone calls you back, you will either be on another call or unavailable for some other reason. Hence, “telephone tag”.
  • Online registration for anything will not work on the day you want to use it.
  • It doesn’t rain on every picnic, it just seems that way.
  • The Emergency Room will always be full when you have to go there.
  • And, your ER visit will always be at odd hours.
  • You only lose something right when you need it.
  • Fish only bite on the other side of the boat.
  • Discount flight tickets are never at times you can go.
  • “Minor” surgery is only on other people.
  • The button is always missing on the shirt you want to wear.
  • The escalator is always broke going up.
  • The “Lost & Found” never has your item.
That’s enough, although I could go on. But that’s a lesson for another day.