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On September 19th, CBE will host a ribbon-cutting in celebration of the restoration of the historic Elmhurst Memorial Hospital cupola and its new placement adjacent to the Darrell L. Whistler Memorial Prairie Garden. The cupola and garden are at the rear of the Bank’s property at 330 W. Butterfield Road in Elmhurst. The restoration and new site for the cupola honor its past significance and also recognize Whistler’s participation with the Hospital over time.

The cupola is a true Elmhurst icon, but it is certainly not alone in that designation. There are several more within Elmhurst and all worthy of the term…the Old Main Tower and the Hammerschmidt Memorial Chapel steeple at Elmhurst College…Wilder Mansion and Conservatory in Wilder Park…the classic windmill at Mt. Emblem Cemetery…the Glos Mansion…York Community High School…York Theatre…just to cite a few.

By definition, an icon is ‘an image’ and in all these cases, the image is associated with a place and with history. The cupola was in storage for a while but now it returns to the public realm where it belongs. CBE is very pleased to be a part of its next segment of significance.

The cupola and the Whistler Garden are always open to the public …

every day, rain or shine.