...believe in each other...

As we continue to move through 2020, now about half-over, we mutually face multiple crisis situations creating uncharted territory for all of us. As we watch and participate, it becomes vital that we try to learn and become ‘wiser’ in order to seek solutions and make plans for the future…however uncertain. It seems to me that there are some basics that we need to follow as best we can:

  • Listen. This will be vital not only to keep pace with the issues but to understand the details and be able to process and make decisions.
  • Be open. Be ready with questions, concerns, discussion, debate and difference of opinion. It’s the only way available to us.
  • Understand it will be emotional. Life and death issues are always emotional and they should be. People live their lives both individually and collectively and both perspectives are highly personal and interactive.
  • Decisions will be quick and slow. Some things will happen quickly and without an obvious plan, responding to immediate events. Other things will emerge only after a time of reflection, dialogue, and step-by-step movement. Both will be encouraging and frustrating to all concerned.
  • Hope will be important. Hope will come in many forms. Hope will be inspired by change and the belief that things can get better.
  • Believe in each other. Only through all of us working for success in all these circumstances will we find pathways for improvement, altering viewpoints and future balance and thoughtfulness.

2020’…So far to go…