This blog posting was first done in November 2010, some 12 years ago. It was well-received and remembered. Recently, I was asked to “re-blog” it and so here it is…again. Please enjoy.

It’s official, in my mind at least…Thanksgiving is our best holiday. 

This in no way diminishes my love of Christmas, Easter, Independence Day, even birthdays, but, Thanksgiving is it for me.

I have my reasons:
  1. The gathering of family and friends in what really begins what we all have come to call the “holiday season”.
  2. The holiday is always the same Thursday in November and since it is always a Thursday, it often sets up a four-day break for many.
  3. There are no gifts to buy. Oh, maybe, you might need to get a pie or something to bring to wherever the feast is being held, but no gift frenzy to deal with at all.
  4. Ah, the feast, turkey, stuffing, gravy, cranberries…terrific!
  5. Football, while not unique to Thanksgiving, is everywhere on the tube…all day.
  6. The weather, generally, is still okay. It falls into the “almost winter” category…usually anyway.
  7. The Christmas decorations begin to go up. Before Thanksgiving, Christmas decorations belong in their boxes.
  8. If you get the four-day weekend, the last three days are often “open”. Unless you get the urge to go “shopping”.
  9. Shopping…is NOT one of my reasons for liking any holiday (although I do like to buy Christmas presents.)
  10. I like the basic reason of giving thanks…to God, and to each other for all the blessings that come to us in all their forms and ways throughout the year. Most of us are so well-off compared to so many here at home and across the world that being thankful is the least we can be in my mind. 

On that last point…if you’re reading this and agree with me on thankfulness…then, please act upon that feeling. Donate to a food pantry, send a check to a homeless shelter, offer service to the needy, make sure that people are not alone on the holiday. In any of these ways and ways that you will think up on your own, you will be making Thanksgiving an even more special holiday than it already is…my favorite for sure.