We have all heard the term ‘the new normal’ over the past few years. It signals change and maybe a bit of concern, as ‘normal’ often is viewed as ‘okay’. That said, I do believe that we are in a new normal period and have been for awhile. I have some examples to share:

  • COVID certainly is part of it. COVID at this stage seems to be moving into a ‘management and
    live with it’ status for many. Let’s hope that’s correct.
  • Working remotely is a part of it for some. There does seem to be a returning commuter
    population, but even that is lessened by working remotely some of the time. We’ll see how
    working in the office fares going forward.
  • Bickering is big right now. Candidates, leaders, policies, legalities…bickering, not discussing. I
    don’t see that changing unfortunately.
  • Traffic is back to normal, new or not. On the one hand, that’s great, in that we are back at it.
    On the other hand, the pandemic did create some better circumstances than we had seen in
    some time. To recover, I will take the traffic.
  • Economic woes, from inflation to supply chain to the down stock market, these woes are part of
    all our lives right now. The experts say to just wait it out and we will. What choice is there
  • Ukraine. I want this new normal to end as soon as possible.
  • The weather. What happened to a gradual move from winter to spring to summer to fall?
    When did normal become 50 degrees to 90 degrees in a day? Did we even have spring this
    year? Again, what to do?

So, you’ll have others that make up your world. One thing: About the time we have listed all our ‘new normal’ items they will have morphed into ‘just normal’ and we’ll have to start again…like normal.