Thanksgiving arrives very soon now and Christmas has already arrived as well…just a few weeks early. We all love our holidays. They provide highlights throughout the year. They provide for time with family and friends. They provide a respite of sorts from our “normal” routines. 

So, how do they line-up for you? Do you have an order of preference and enjoyment? Would you miss any if they suddenly disappeared? I have my order and I have shared some of this in previous blogs, but never the “top ten” list.

10. New Year’s Eve & Day
9. Labor Day
8. Easter
7. Fourth of July
6. Halloween
5. Super Bowl
4. St. Patrick’s Day
3. Memorial Day
2. Christmas
1. Thanksgiving

Perhaps as you gather at future holidays, you might inquire from your guests their personal rankings? Subjective for sure, but safer than politics, inflation and football teams.