Christmas is coming...

Christmas is coming…even in 2020! So, there are choices to make for all of us in the days and weeks ahead. Here are just a few:

  • Red or Green?
  • Santa or the Grinch?
  • Egg Nog or ‘spiked’ Egg Nog?
  • Multi-color lights or just white ones?
  • Real tree or an artificial tree?
  • Big time decorating or low key?
  • Naughty or Nice?
  • Cookies or Candy Canes?
  • Rudolf or all the rest of the reindeer?
  • Classic holiday music or modern?
  • Holiday Inn’ or ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’?
  • Presents or Gift Cards?
  • Snowmen or Snow-Angels?
  • Gather on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? (Or both?)
  • Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?
  • Choices abound. Just be safe and enjoy!