The gateway to the holiday season has arrived. November not only has a meaningful holiday within it, it
sets the stage for the December events to come.

November has its share of important dates for us all to note on our calendars:

  • Sunday, November 7…Daylight Saving Time ends, turn your clocks back one hour!
  • Sunday, November 7…Veterans Day Band Concert by the Elmhurst University Band.
  • Thursday, November 11…Veterans Day in America and in Elmhurst.
  • Saturday, November 13…Elmhurst Centre for the Performing Arts Spotlight Gala.
  • Saturday, November 13…Elmhurst Symphony Concert.
  • Friday, November 19…Tree Lighting on Spring Road.
  • Thursday, November 25…Thanksgiving Day and the 38th Annual Turkey Trot in Elmhurst!
  • All Month…Elmhurst History Museum exhibit: ‘An Ever-Widening Circle: Elmhurst University at

Remember to “Gobble, Gobble Gobble’ before you ‘Ho Ho Ho’!