the shortest distance between 2 points...

If you look at a map of North America and then make Elmhurst your starting point it creates a most interesting list of places that you might visit going ‘to and from’. Now these cities and towns may not be on a direct highway path, but if you draw a line ‘as the crow would fly’ you come into contact with all of the following:

Going North: Milwaukee, WI, Escanaba, MI, Longlac, Ontario, Canada.

Going South: Mt. Vernon, IL, Paducah, KY, Tupelo, MS, Hattiesburg, MS, Venice, LA.

Going East: Toledo, OH, Youngstown, PA, Allentown, PA, Newark, NJ.

Going West: Cedar Rapids, IA, Sioux City, IA, Ogden, UT, Lovelock, NV, Laytonville, CA.

I have actually heard of almost all of these places and have been in several. That said, I know nothing about Lovelock, NV or Laytonville, CA. Then again, I usually do not fly with crows.

Happy traveling!