...we're in the Zone!

At our main bank building on Butterfield Road, you may have noticed the telltale signs of renovation. The dumpster out back, the slight trails of wallboard fibers going up the Gooch Foyer staircase, the building materials stacked about, they all share a story of something new at CBE.

So, what is happening, you ask? Well, we’re in a ‘Zone’. The CBE Business Zone specifically.

We are creating a special space upstairs exclusively for CBE business customers. State of the art space with high technology, private, yet cozy, office amenities and more…all inside your bank…CBE. As our business customer, this space is available to you to meet with clients, work on a project, hold a staff session, access your CBE accounts or just work away from your office or home as you wish. The CBE Business Zone is only for you…no one else. It’s a business perk from your bank that no one else can match in Elmhurst.

We take personal service seriously and the CBE Business Zone is another example of that. The ‘Zone’ should be ready and open in the Spring. We will be sure to keep you informed. In the interim, just ask us how it’s going.

CBE is Elmhurst’s Original Community Bank!