The process of ‘getting things done’, starting and then finishing a project, is often described as ‘closing
the loop’. As we all know there are many ways to start a project: proposals, calls, visits, drop-ins,
contacts, letters, emails, texts, questions, introductions, promises made, drafts, and conversations.

Through various actions these projects move ahead: research, creations, sharing, forwarding,
promoting, extending and conversations.

You ‘close the loop’ in many ways, but some include: asks, decisions, follow-ups, re-visits, reports,
notes, answers, solutions, promises kept and conversations.

Just as beginning a project is exciting, closing one is exciting too. When you ‘close that loop’ between
trying and doing, you move from aspiration to accomplishment, from belief to fulfillment, from concept
to reality.

And then…it’s time to open a new loop! That’s just the way it is.