...paint da' fence gray?

The color gray, or grey, if you prefer, has often been maligned as dull, sober and lacking luster. I would like to come to gray’s defense and state some reasons why it might be our most important color. Gray might not need my help but I am offering it anyway. Here we go…

Gray by definition is the blending of black and white, important to note.

Gray adds distinction to blue, usually the most popular color in polls and a color associated with strength, responsibility and trust.

Gray provides a subtle response to the fire and passion of red. When red wants to get out of hand, gray reigns it in…just a bit.

Gray adds dignity to purple and turns it from splashy to regal.

Gray allows orange to engage with people as orange is often cited as a least favorite color.

Gray relates to green like a meadow relates to a cloudy day. There are more shades of green than can be counted and the same is often said about gray.

Gray and brown exist as mountains and deserts do…in stark contrast.

Gray and yellow allows for both to share their excitement in all situations.

Gray helps to promote the playfulness of pink, making it a color to take seriously.

It would seem to me that gray is a dramatic and vital color in our world today, important to note.