By now you know that the Silverado Grill on Spring Road has closed. Owner Jack retired and sold the location. Owners Jack and Dave had started the restaurant back in the 1980s. The location had been a difficult one for restaurants over the years, but Silverado was different. It succeeded and became a “go to” spot for many.

Why did Silverado succeed in that location when others had not? Lots of things come to mind: Casual atmosphere, Good food, Western theme. Friendly service. Most importantly though…Great owners. Jack and Dave opened together. Later Dave sold out to Jack. Both men were wonderful people and involved with the Elmhurst Community in multiple ways: Elmfests, parades, coaching, sponsoring, charities, Elmhurst Chamber events, Jazz Band fundraisers, private parties, the list can go on and on.

There was a commitment within Silverado. That commitment to Elmhurst, brought loyalty from Elmhurst. It stood the test of time. They say that “nothing lasts forever” and that’s likely true. Silverado will always be a fond memory, however, to many patrons who understood that they were treated well, listened to, and knew that it was something special.

Thanks Jack and Dave, and the long tenured staffers. As you ride into the sunset, please remember all the good times- because we sure will.