If you drive even a little bit, you’ll hear them…the “honkers”. Car horns were invented, I assume, to be used to alert other drivers to hazards about to be encountered. But, the “honkers” have many, many more uses, some of them as follows:

  • Impatience…Honking as the stop light just turns green and you should be moving already. 
  • Acknowledgment…Honking as a way of saying hello while driving.
  • Displeasure…Honking as a way of telling you that something you did was incorrect.
  • Unhappiness…Honking in a traffic jam just because it feels good to do so.
  • Happiness…Honking as part of a caravan or procession.
  • Anger…Honking because they are upset with their life’s circumstances and you happen to be
  • Arrival…Honking as they arrive someplace.
  • Good-Bye…Honking as they leave someplace.
  • Hazard…Automatic honking when their car alarm goes off.
  • Accidental…Honking, but they didn’t mean to.

Lots of honking, some of it necessary, most of it not so much. Enjoy your drive.