None of us knows how much Time we have. Young or old, no matter. We don’t know. So, we fret over Time a lot.

Scientists, poets, philosophers, educators, musicians, many others, have studied and pondered Time. Just consider these few references we often make to Time: Time is fleeting, Time waits for no one, Time is of the essence, Time is eternal, Time is priceless, Time-out, overtime, It’s Time, Time to go, What is the Time, If we only had the Time, There is no Time like the present, Time is money, When the Time comes, Time travel, Time enough, Wasted Time, the end of Time, Time is up, We had the best Time and so many more.

Understand better? I didn’t think so. Just reading and thinking about this blog has used up some of your Time. I hope not too much. 

It’s Time to stop…Just in Time…